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Travel Bag for AstroLite Series

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  • Lightweight travel, weights only 8oz
  • Includes a protective bag for all the accessories
  • Durable nylon material to maximize protection
  • Velcro strap in each compartment to secure items
  • Fits all AstroLite series telescope

Introducing the ultimate travel companion for AstroLite series telescope owners – the telescope travel bag. Designed to accommodate your entire telescope, this bag is the perfect solution for those who love to explore the universe on the go. With durable, high-quality materials and a spacious interior, you can easily store your AstroLite telescope and all its accessories in one convenient place.

Whether you are camping under the stars or traveling to a remote location, this travel bag will ensure that your telescope is safe and secure throughout your journey. So pack up and set off your next stargazing adventure with confidence, knowing that your telescope is protected and ready for action.


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