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AZ60 Tripod and Mount

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  • Aluminum cast Single-arm Mount
  • Brass worm gear on both axes for maximum smooth movement
  • Slow motion control cable on both axes for maximum fine tracking
  • Vixen Dovetail receiver for adopting most telescopes on the market
  • Maximum recommended payload: 8 lbs
  • Aluminum tripod with 2″ wide tripod leg to maximum stability

Introducing State-of-the-Art Altitude Azimuth Mount for your telescopes.

【Aluminum Cast Mount】

Wanting a mount and tripod to explore the sky and observe terrestrial objects? Take a look at the state-of-the-art AZ60 Mount and Tripod. The AZ60 mount is expertly crafted from aluminum, boasting exceptional strength and sturdiness for reliable support in various applications. The mount comes with an Aluminum tripod which utilizes 2" wide tripod legs to provide maximum stability.

【Brass Worm Gear】

Discover the cosmos with our AZ60 Mount and Tripod. When designing this mount, smooth movement is a critical goal that we need to achieve. Using a brass worm gear offers superior durability and reduced friction for smoother operation and prolonged lifespan.

【Slow Motion】

this mount is equipped with a Slow motion cable on each axis to provide the best tracking experience. As an observer, capability of fine tracking movement is essential to track celestial objects while they move slowly across the nightsky. While it provides slow and fine movement while tracking celestial objects, it is also fast enough to track terrestrial objects.

【Vixen Dovetail Receiver】

this Mount is equipped with a Vixen Dovetail receiver which allows the mount to accept most telescopes on the market. This mount has a maximum recommended payload of 8 lbs.

【Real US Warranty】

Buy with confidence from a California based brand , You’ll also receive a three-year warranty and unlimited access to our technical support experts located in California.


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