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ExploraPro 114 Reflector Telescope

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  • 114mm (4.49”) 500mm reflector
  • magnification range of 25X – 250X
  • Include a smartphone adapter and a Bluetooth shutter
  • No-tool setup design, set up video is on our YouTube channel
  • slow motion controlon both axes for fine tracking
  • full-length adjustable tripod with accessory tray

Introducing the ExploraPro 114AZ Reflector Telescope

The ExploraProTM telescope is an exceptional telescope kit designed for amateur astronomers and hobbyists who want to explore the night sky with ease. With its advanced optics and sturdy construction, this telescope is ideal for observing the moon, planets, star clusters, bright deep sky objects like the Orion Nebula and Andromeda Galaxy at night. This telescope features a 114mm (4.48’’) aperture and a 500mm focal length Reflector style optical tube assembly, which provides bright and clear images

No-Tool Setup

With this type of telescope, you can enjoy stargazing without the frustration of complicated assembly processes or the need for additional tools. The no-tool setup design allows you to quickly and easily assemble the telescope, making it an ideal option for even beginners. This feature also makes it easy to transport and set up the telescope in different locations, such as a backyard, a park, or a camping site.

Smartphone Compatibility

All ExploraProTM series telescopes come with a bonus smartphone adapter which works with most modern smartphones, including iPhone, Samsung, Google, Microsoft, Huawei, Vivo, Oppo smartphones.

Newly designed Alt-AZ mount

One of the most remarkable features of the ExploraProTM telescope is its newly designed all aluminum single-armed Alt-Az mount with slow motion control on each axis. Navigate the night sky with the two slow motion cables for smooth and accurate pointing. This allows the observer to easily track any celestial object and land object with ease. The single armed mount also features a Vixen style dovetail received which accepts any optical tube that has a Vixen dovetail.

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    Gary SIms

    First timer. I was online looking at videos and checking websites because I wanted to purchase a telescope, but I also wanted to make sure this was something I wanted to do. I stumbled on this telescope and pulled the trigger and now I’m pleasantly surprised. Assembly was easy and I was able to take it out after the latest storm. After setting it up, aligning the the scope and the tube, I was finally was able to get it outside. The moon was beautiful, I was able to see the stars of Orion, Saturn and everything. It’s time to go big now. This is a wonderful telescope, sturdy, not cheap and I will be using it often. Tomorrow I will take photos, post them on my IG account and look forward diving deeper in the journey of the stars! Thank you for a great product. I know there are a lot of other companies out there with nice products too however I believe if you promote your products even more so you’ll do fine.

    Note* I read some of the responses on Amazon and most are 4/5 stars with the only complaints are about assembly so maybe dumb it down a bit. It was also hard to find you on YouTube and once I did the page could have been a better.

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